SMART Programs

(Five 1-Hour Classes)
SMART Coaching Accountability SMART VIP
Customized Consultation $50 $50 $50
Custom Meal Plan
$175 $175
SMART Educational DVD $19.95 + Tax &
$5 Shipping
Unravel the Weight Loss Mystery Booklet FREE FREE FREE
SMART E-Book $10.99
Food Scale $40
Customized Binder with Complete Support Materials $220
Example Meal Plans $50
Daily Coaching for 3 Months, with Six 50-Minute Individual Phone Sessions $975 $975
Five 1-Hour Teleconference Sessions $297
Unlimited Quick Calls & Emails For Graduates of SMART VIP Only – $399 $399
VALUED AT $347 $1200 $1944.94
PRICE $197
(for 5 weeks)
(for 3 months)
(for 3 months)

One-time Sessions

TruBody Coach offers three different 1-hour EAT MORE WEIGH LESS the SMART Way Classes. Learn about weight management strategies, weight loss techniques and weight control secrets!

Sessions may be scheduled in large or small Office environments, Work-out facilities, Parks & Recreation Centers, Schools, and Media Outlets (such as TV or Radio). Each session may be offered individually, or a series of all three sessions can be scheduled. Contact us for more information.

  1. Demonstrated Breakfast includes details of how to start laying the foundation for how to eat more to weigh less. Meal plan is outlined providing direction to achieve goals in a short time. Specific tools and materials that make this plan easy to follow with quick results, so you learn to EAT MORE & WEIGH LESS the SMART Way!
  2. Demonstrated Lunch includes SMART Tips, dos, don’ts, restaurant eating, SMART Shopping, SMART Cooking, SMART plan, SMART Preparations, SMART Substitutions, & SMART Tools and Mottoes – the glue of the program
  3. Demonstrated Dinner includes recap of the entire program to ensure complete understanding within 21 days to change habits forever. Solidify understanding of how to do the substitutions and maintenance forever.

Negotiable rates: $175 – $230 per person plus a one time supply fee of $25 on location.