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EAT MORE WEIGH LESS the SMART Way is a book (and DVD) I wrote out of my passion to help other people who struggle with weight issues. It was an answer to my prayers and struggles with weight as a professional athlete and fitness trainer. It also does not matter what it is that you are going through. We all have life challenges on life’s terms; I am so much aware of the heartaches!

I have had to endure many, many struggles, mentally, physically and emotionally; yet I vow the SMART Eating Program is doable despite all those obstacles many of us have. Life is a challenge for us all. I had back surgery for my double 45 degree curvature at 17 years of age. I still live with 2 metal rods in my fused spine. I had endured a hospitalization due to someone’s mistake while serving in the Army at Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio, TX. I had to endure the loss of my children in a horrific custody battle when my children were only 8 and 6 years old.

I have endured many painful events, yet I carry on and push on and stay a steady weight no matter what now; only because I love to eat and learned over the years with my training as a fitness professional and multiple programs I studied for how to maintain my ideal weight, forever! It is all in how you think about your food and having a SMART Plan. In my book and DVD I share exactly how you can have your ideal body weight forever no matter what obstacles come in your path. It is actually quite easy once you understand the principles of doing this and exactly how to do this. This book gives you the formula and solution for how this can be possible for you too.