I have a new hip!

I try to encourage my clients to not overdo the exercise as I did! The results is that I had to stop teaching my Total Body Conditioning classes and learn a new way to control my weight a smarter way, while still not abandoning all exercise; but instead learning also how to exercise sensibly.

Try the EAT MORE, WEIGH LESS the SMART Way…so you do not end up injured like me.

Onward and Upward!


Are you still eating enough?

September 3, 2013

Yesterday was my birthday and I enjoyed cheesecake and wine! Life’s too short not to enjoy! I danced in a jump house and danced all weekend for that matter.

Today I enjoyed all my food!

My breakfast:

1 oz Oatmeal

6 oz Yogurt

1 Nectarine

My lunch:

6 oz Brussle Sprouts

2 hard boiled eggs

4 oz rice

6 oz pineapple tidbits

My dinner:

6 oz grilled eggplant

4 oz Turkey burger

2 slices of whole grain bread

1 orange


I could add a salad but I am full!!!

Happy eating!

Weight today was 114 lbs. I am 5’7″ and shrinking…oh well…and now…58 years old…yikes…but feel like I am 38 years old.


Par Statement – Problem – Action – Results

PAR Statements

                                                                                             Problem – Action – Results

Problem: Company wanted me to help seniors be healthier, more agile, and improve their overall quality of life.

Action: I devised 12 classes in 6 weeks where we met 2xs a week for 1 ½ hours for each session. In the 6 weeks I taught a variety of components to help them achieve a healthier, fitter lifestyle that included:

Joint and ligament stabilization exercises, core training, balance training, isolated muscle toning, hand-eye coordination moves, increase awareness of range of motion exercises (ROM), dynamic moves, symmetrical and asymmetrical movement patterns, concept training on how to obtain fast results in a short amount of time. (Quickness was very limited.) 

We also discussed nutrition and how to balance eating and exercise to produce the ideal maintenance weight.

Results: Participants shared improved quality of life; more vigor, less weight, less depression, improved agility and overall wellness. Other communities have also asked for my specialized knowledge and services. I have also received a request to continue on when the government funding is available again.

5 daily eating tips! You are competent so believe you can do this!

You are competent on your job and at home, with your friends and family, etc.  So you can also learn a quick and easy way to manage your daily eating habits. I am sure you are already learning how to do this each and everyday.

It is easier once you make it your lifestyle. Set up goals but don’t beat yourself up when life gets in the way on life’s terms as it so often does…

1) Do whatever it is that motivates you to get up in the morning.  I like music, playing WWF, taking a shower or bath, getting on my knees sometimes to show my gratitude to God, reading a motivational page in a book, go for an early walk on occasion, call a friend that I know is up and getting ready, do a few exercises or stretches, etc. Have a variety of routines so it does not get boring.

2) Keep your morning routine flexible about the order of it and spice it up from time to time with something different.

3) Prepare your breakfast the night before during the weekdays and be more flexible about it on the weekends or whatever days you have off.

4) Prepare at least one other meal for the next day.

5) Never be caught without your food or time to get food. I went to an early morning meeting yesterday and everyone there appeared hungry and so went for the heavy muffins from Costco.  The muffin is NOT totally the problem…it just should not be the only thing they eat!

I hope these tips help you. Please let me know if this was helpful and please like me (if you do) or contact me on my website www.trubodycoach.com or email laurawellcoach@gmail.com


Laura Lewis, MS, ACSM, NASM



What are you eating for breakfast today?

I am enjoying a cup of (decaf) coffee…you may be wondering why bother drinking coffee if there is no caffeine. Well realize even decaf has about 3% caffeine. That is enough for me since I am already energetic enough.

I am going to enjoy:

1 oz. oatmeal

1 sliced, diced cooked granny green apple

1/2 cup of almond milk

1 Yoplait Harvest Peach 6 oz. yogurt


Part of the secret to successfully be able to maintain your ideal comfortable weight is to eat more.

I do not have to exercise to maintain this weight even, although naturally we do need to move our bodies…to maintain overall wellness.

Onward and Upward!


Are you Eating enough all day?

Are you eating enough all day?

It is the accumulation of what you consume for the entire day. Most people starve themselves then eat too much…to make up for the starving time…

Contact me for a FREE plan.



What’s for lunch today?

4 oz.  garlic and rosemary roasted chicken

6 oz. pearl onions

4 oz. rice medley

1 medium orange

1 Tablespoon olive oil or butter

So what did you have for lunch today? (See my SMART lunch)

4 oz. Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken Marsala with 1 Tablespoon of sauce

6 oz. Trader Joe’s Grilled Marinated Eggplant

4 oz. Rice Medley

3 small tangerines

Sea Salt and Garlic

Happy Fabulous Friday! Make it a great one…

Take time to do something special for yourself and someone else and even do it without telling that person.

Love…Happy Valentine’s Day

I will love you no matter what. I will love you if you are stupid, if you slip and fall on your face, if you do the wrong thing, if you make mistakes, if you behave like a human being – I will love you no matter.
–Leo Buscaglia

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were just one person in our lives who loved us no matter what our faults? And wouldn’t it be equally nice if we, too, could love just one person in the same way?

Love is not an easy emotion for us to feel. In the past we may have associated feelings of love with negative feelings such as pain, hurt, rejection, or disappointment. But we can put the negative feelings aside and learn how to feel love as a positive emotion.

Love does not necessarily mean sexual attraction or commitment. Love can simply be seeing someone for who he or she is, whether that person is a friend, coworker, boss, family member, or lover. To show love, we can keep our actions simple – by making a phone call, writing a letter, or sharing a hug. Let’s show someone we care.