What is Wellness?

  • Mind Wellness without the need for any drugs!
  • Body Wellness with all your cells working in symphony to maximize your optimum physical and sexual energy.
  • Spirit Wellness with your heart congruent with your mind and body.

How do we achieve this ideal state of being? Is that possible?

Mind Wellness

In order to maintain ideal mind wellness one must continuously be open to learning. One never learns it all. As soon as you think you know, it is a clear sign you do not know!

How do you maintain mind wellness?

Keep following my tips for doing this. Some of this you may already know how to do, but remain open to new ideas because it is never ending. The moment you are not open to new ways of thinking; your brain begins to atrophy.

Body Wellness

You can have optimal body weight “wellness” by learning how to eat SMART – EAT MORE to WEIGH LESS! If you are like me and LOVE to eat then this is the program for you. If another program is working for you; great! I offer a sustainable, weight loss lifestyle without reliance on exercise, pills or powdered beverages. It is just a LOT of REAL “yummy” food!

How can you have your optimal body weight wellness?

You probably know a lot of the answers but may need just a little more guidance to actually put it into practice so it works FOREVER and is so easy to do once you know how to do it. I coach you through this process by teaching you Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Timed ways to eat, food shop, the dos, the dont’s, substitutions and restaurant eating. Hands on coaching makes a world of difference from other programs as well as the fact it is SMART. Give it 21 days to 3 months to see this lifestyle change that lasts for the rest of your life!

Body fitness and sexual wellness is another part of body wellness that I will not address in detail at this time. Just know there are also shortcuts to learning to become completely well in these areas too that I will address in more detail at a later development of TruBody. (I will mention a little more under Peak Performance Wellness below.)

Spirit Wellness

You can have the ultimate spirit wellness when you learn to get your F.E.A.R out of the way… your Frustrations, Ego, Anger and Resentments.

How can you become spiritually connected and at peace even in the midst of a very distressful moment?

Learning to turn your power and FEAR over to God is most desirable. You learn how to let go that which you do not have control over. With practice peace is yours forever. As time goes on I will teach you what has worked wonders for me. There are specific tools and tangible ways to learn how to do this when you are open, ready and willing to learn.

Are you ready to have your very own SMART Wellness and even go beyond that with PEAK PERFORMANCE!

Peak Performance Wellness

Peak Performance Wellness is optimizing your cardiovascular and respiratory systems in “general” workouts or in sport’s specific workouts. Overall a 30 minute walk or run daily is the minimal amount of time to spend to obtain a beginners level of peak performance. Just know you will benefit even on days you incorporate 5 minutes sporadically here and there for a total of 30 minutes throughout your day of walking, climbing stairs, etc.

It has been proven that these 30 minutes of minimum time moving your body help circulate your blood and lymphatic fluids. Realize though that your lymphatic system has 4 times the amount of the fluid as your cardiovascular system; yet your blood has the heart to help pump it throughout your body, but your lymph fluid does not have a pump like the heart so it relies on YOU moving your muscles to keep it stimulated and functioning properly to dispense any foreign “toxins” in the body.

So just go out and work out every day even if it is only a short walk for at least 30 minutes for your minimal level of fitness. There are more details to maximize your performance especially for sport’s specific performance. Once one learns how to cross-train properly, work in the zone, and maximize fat loss in the muscles and surrounding tissues one will see quicker results of overall fitness in a shorter amount of training time.

To maximize muscle cell growth is also another science study that I will begin to teach at a later date, since this too involves a greater understanding about how to do this in the shortest amount of time; without the need for drugs. Once one understands the science concepts behind this, the weight workouts can be done much more effectively with a much higher return for the amount of time spent training.

AND YES – It is possible to learn how to maintain wellness because you are in control of your thoughts, your words, and your actions, which then become your character and your destiny. But just remember to stay out of the FEAR when doing this so that you stay out of your own “self” and seek to serve others while following the path bestowed for us by God. You may be wondering how to do this or refuse to do this. For this reason I encourage you to find your own spiritual path. It must be one that is growing!

All for now…

Onward and Upward!