What is SMART Eating?

SMART Eating is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Timed.

  • The Specific part of the TruBody Coach program is simply the food groups that you eat the most. These are Protein, Vegetables, Fruits, Starches, and Fats. Some people also have Dairy.
  • Measurable is that we learn to weigh and measure all our food in order to learn how to eat what is an appropriate amount for our size body. Once this is learned it becomes a part of our thinking and we learn to then measure with our eyes when eating out and sometimes at home as well.
  • Attainable is that this SMART Eating program allows you to EAT MORE while you are actually losing weight so over time you attain your natural body weight that is ideal for your body.
  • Reliable is that it is sustainable over a long period of time because you add even more of; primarily, the same foods and you learn to substitute at times when you wish to have a treat here and there; yet you never have to worry about gaining a single pound.
  • Timed is critical because if you do not prepare and eat at appropriate times you will not be able to sustain your ideal weight. Energy levels will wax and wane as well. In turn it creates an imbalance of hunger and and even starvation.

How it happened…

An excerpt from: “Unraveling the Weight Loss Mystery!” Author: Laura Lewis

All my extensive fitness background and studies of anatomy, physiology, holistic health, and kinesiology could never prepare me to handle my weight gain after a serious hip injury. Over the years I had many injuries, and would slow down, avoiding certain parts of my workout routine. Inevitably, I would find myself uncomfortably up 5 or 10 pounds. Usually my injury would heal quickly and I was back to my heavy-duty workout routine to pull off those 5-10 pounds. My friends and family always thought I had a fit and slim figure. Little did they know of my secret battles with food.

With the last big battle of weight issues after my hip injury, I thought I would have to give up completely on ever having and maintaining a fit and slim figure. My doctor had been begging me to stop teaching my Total Body Conditioning (TBC) classes, since I was limping out of my class near the end of my group exercise instructor career. I had been teaching various exercise classes for over 28 years! I finally gave in to his wishes, and my body’s limitations.

With this hip injury, 40 pounds climbed on within a few months! I got to a point I told myself I did not care anymore. I threw out my darling clothes, and turned to enjoy pizza, cookies, bread, cakes, and just about anything. No wonder I gained this weight so quickly! 40 pounds heavier may not sound like a lot, but for me — a fitness guru — it was outrageous! By the way, I am now 50 pounds lighter! Yes, ending the battle with the SMART goals, I not only lost what I gained, but even more! In the meantime, my health also began to rapidly decline. Again my doctors shared concern with me, but now it was because my cholesterol and blood pressure were climbing higher and higher, to unhealthy levels. I also had depression, anxiety, and poor self-esteem associated with weight gain. I was a mess and unhealthy. I knew something had to change. I became desperate but did not have a solution yet. My cholesterol levels went up to 290, and my blood pressure was often at 190/80, which is unhealthy for anyone, let alone an athlete. I also went on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

Laura has worked in the Fitness Profession for over 20 years.
Her fitness and professional work accomplishments include:

  • Exercise physiologist for San Francisco Sports Center
  • Exercise coach for the San Francisco State University Football Team
  • Wrote fitness articles for magazines, newspapers, and newsletters
  • TV and Video productions
  • Sports, gymnastics, and aerobics competitive athlete (Silver Medal Winner)
  • Coached and trained competitive sports athletes
  • Group exercise leader for many clubs with a diverse range of classes
  • Director for group exercise program
  • Avia & Reebok Rep
  • Supervised and evaluated group exercise instructors
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Fitness club manager
  • Owner of TruBody Fitness since 1987- Personal Training and Wellness Company
  • Convention Fitness Presenter
  • Taught Health Science to High School students
  •  Choreographer
  • Wellness Presentations to Corporate Clients (current)
  • Wellness Coach to corporate and individual clients (current)
  • Author: Unraveling the Weight Loss Mystery – SMART Wellness
  • Author: EAT MORE WEIGH LESS the SMART Way (in edition now)