Laura’s Story

Hello, I’m Laura Lewis, the founder of TruBodyCoach!

I use to be a Gym Rat until I wore out my hip… Along the way I experienced several injuries teaching thousands of students, training clients, coaching clients and competing….How stupid is that? Very!

I never have to work out at all to maintain my 115 lb weight only because I eat like a horse, literally — I do my eat more to weigh less the SMART Way!

I wanted to work out again because I know as an exercise physiologist and fitness professional that it is important for other reasons (not weight control but for cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, skeletal, mind, spiritual, emotional, etc. benefits). Slowly I was able to walk again a little bit after this very debilitating injury.

Nancy and LauraThis year I was fortunate to meet Nancy on Linkedin earlier as I was developing my TruBody Coach business to teach SMART Eating. I had been growing more and more interested in finding a more natural, sensible workout. I had started walking a little again but when I learned that Nancercize was a full body workout in nature using park benches, trees, tables, tree stumps and outdoor bars, etc. I wanted to learn more.

My sensibilities about working out finally arose only after years of multiple injuries in the gym and being a high competitive sport’s athlete. Now I am on a campaign to teach an alternative and much more sensible way to work out and eat to maintain the ideal body weight and wellness!

After years with a nutritionist and dietician, I tired of the battle to lose those last 10 nagging pounds by “eating healthy.”  Although I was told I did such a marvelous job eating healthy it was never enough to complete the mystery behind weight control!

When I could no longer walk or workout I had a serendipitous discovery about the secret formula!

It took me 30 years to figure out how to rid these extra nagging pounds and now I teach others to learn how to do it in 21-90 days! Although I love my dietitian, she just did not know the secret formula to help me get to my now comfortable weight. I wish someone taught me this secret 30 years ago because then I would never have ruined my body working out intensely the way I did.

EAT MORE WEIGH LESS THE SMART WAY without the need to exercise to maintain your ideal weight forever! Now seriously, what could be better?

I am so happy to be free of the gym rat stuff and the battle with weight! It is the ultimate freedom and transformation!

Onward and Upward!



Check it out: I was honored to be invited by Nancy to participate in her Nancercize Warm-up & Cool-down video!


NOTE** As your TruBody coach I provide you with support every step of the way daily. We begin with a consultation, and assessment. At this point I work with my clients in a group or individually to assess their specific needs that I determine by many factors, which include: height, current weight, goal weight, body type, shape, ideal self goals, healthy goals (BMI), bone structure, ethnic preferences, food likes and dislikes, allergies, etc.