Par Statement – Problem – Action – Results

PAR Statements

                                                                                             Problem – Action – Results

Problem: Company wanted me to help seniors be healthier, more agile, and improve their overall quality of life.

Action: I devised 12 classes in 6 weeks where we met 2xs a week for 1 ½ hours for each session. In the 6 weeks I taught a variety of components to help them achieve a healthier, fitter lifestyle that included:

Joint and ligament stabilization exercises, core training, balance training, isolated muscle toning, hand-eye coordination moves, increase awareness of range of motion exercises (ROM), dynamic moves, symmetrical and asymmetrical movement patterns, concept training on how to obtain fast results in a short amount of time. (Quickness was very limited.) 

We also discussed nutrition and how to balance eating and exercise to produce the ideal maintenance weight.

Results: Participants shared improved quality of life; more vigor, less weight, less depression, improved agility and overall wellness. Other communities have also asked for my specialized knowledge and services. I have also received a request to continue on when the government funding is available again.

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